Available for adoption!

Meet: A.J.!

AJ is a handsome young fella with TONS of personality and love to give.  AJ is a 2 yr old Green Cheek Conure.  He has an extended vocabulary and loves to play and goof around. He has been receiving regular grooming services and is in superb feather! AJ comes with a large King’s cage and lots of toys/cups/ropes etc.

So is AJ right for me? As with most parrots, Green Cheek Conures have a med-loud volume level. They can be fairly messy and require a high level of stimulation and attention.  Parrots with unsatisfied social needs can act out in frustration.  They are very intelligent and love to learn new puzzles, toys, tricks and vocabulary.  AJ would be best suited with an owner that has lots of time to give to his mental well being.  He would not do well with someone who works long hours during the day as he has a very strong human-bird bond.

Want to know more? Please email me! dawn. wildlife @gmail. com. This is a courtesy listing for a client, I do not own this bird. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.